6 June 2013

the softer side of Kerkhoff Construction

^^the foreman of this Kerkoff construction site in Port Coquitlam found a robin's nest on one of the building's balconies. He chose to leave the nest up and work around it. When the crew returned to work following the May long weekend the nest was empty - but one fledgling was found begging for food at the bottom of the elevator shaft.
^^this member of the construction crew took the baby and went hunting 
for worms in the near-by community garden

^^stuffed beyond wanting more
^^sated, the bird was left in this forsythia shrub for the parents, 
nervously hanging about nearby, to tend
 ^^and tend they did; at least one parent was observed entering the shrub with food in their beaks. The falsity about human scent causing parent birds to reject their offspring is just that, false.

If the site seems familiar, it was the subject of a post back in April, criticising the City of Port Coquitlam for allowing heritage trees to be cut.

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Way to go guys!!