27 June 2012

Canada Day 2012: On Guard for Enbridge

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Enbridge's Attempt to Kill Spoof Backfires as Censored Cartoonist Goes Public
 (found on: The Common Sense Canadian: Written by Damien Gillis Wednesday, 27 June 201)

Province newspaper cartoonist Dan Murphy went public on CBC yesterday to confirm suspicions that his publication had pulled a spoof he created last Friday, under pressure from Enbridge Inc.

The cartoon, which mocks Enbridge's new ad campaign designed to mollify concerns about its proposed twin pipelines from the Alberta Tar Sands to Kitimat, was posted on The Province's website Friday morning, only to be pulled several hours later.

Online magazine backofthebook.ca obtained a response from Province Editor-in-Chief Wayne Moriarty on Monday, confirming the company had pushed for the removal of the cartoon:
Wayne Moriarty, The Province‘s Editor-in-Chief, says the animation was removed at the request of Enbridge “because it contains copyrighted material.” He admits that use of the material might be protected under fair use laws, but says the newspaper chose not to pursue the matter. He points out that The Province has run editorials critical of the pipeline, and insists that the decision to pull the satire has nothing to do with the $5 million campaign, which is running in his paper and The Vancouver Sun, both of which are owned by The Pacific Newspaper Group, among many other media outlets... "

read the full article at The Common Sense Canadian

25 June 2012

religious excess: fake miracles, fake funerals

^^Jesus and Mo is donating 50% of book sales to Edamaruku's defense fund
"... Things appear to be getting worse for Sanal Edamaruku. According to latest reports our miracle-busting hero is virtually in hiding. If the police arrest him, as they have been threatening to do, he could be incarcerated for several years just waiting for the trial!"

Wanted: Sanal Edamaraku for exposing faked “miracle” at a church

from: the Hindu, May 7, 2012: India's god laws fail the test of reason 
"Early in March, little drops of water began to drip from the feet of the statue of Jesus nailed to the cross on the church of Our Lady of Velankanni, down on to Mumbai's unlovely Irla Road. Hundreds began to flock to the church to collect the holy water in little plastic bottles, hoping the tears of the son of god would sanctify their homes and heal their beloved. 

Sanal Edamaruku, the eminent rationalist thinker, arrived at the church a fortnight after the miracle began drawing crowds. It took him less than half an hour to discover the source of the divine tears: a filthy puddle formed by a blocked drain, from where water was being pushed up through a phenomenon all high-school physics students are familiar with, called capillary action. 

For his discovery, Mr. Edamaruku now faces the prospect of three years in prison — and the absolute certainty that he will spend several more years hopping between lawyers' offices and courtrooms. In the wake of Mr. Edamaruku's miracle-busting Mumbai visit, three police stations in the capital received complaints against him for inciting religious hatred. First information reports were filed, and investigations initiated with exemplary — if unusual — alacrity... " 
read the full article here

Petition the Catholic Archdiocese of Bombay to withdraw complaint against Sanal Edamaruku 
Donate to Sanal Edamaruku's legal fund

300,000 Spanish babies stolen by nuns and sold 

Identity crisis: Randy Ryder as a baby being cradled in a Malaga hospital in 1971 by the woman who bought him 
 ^^Identity crisis: Randy Ryder as a baby being cradled in a 
Malaga hospital in 1971 by the woman who bought him

found on: The Mail Online, Polly Dunbar
"Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five decades, a new investigation reveals. 

The children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began during General Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties.
Hundreds of families who had babies taken from Spanish hospitals are now battling for an official government investigation into the scandal. 

Several mothers say they were told their first-born children had died during or soon after they gave birth.

But the women, often young and unmarried, were told they could not see the body of the infant or attend their burial. In reality, the babies were sold to childless couples whose devout beliefs and financial security meant that they were seen as more appropriate parents... "
Read more: Dailymail

22 June 2012

pretty invasives

^^Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus), 
European bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) and mint (Mentha sp.)
^^ajuga aka bugleweed (Ajuga sp.) in flower
 ^^ajuga flower buds
 ^^Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus) and mint (Mentha sp.)
^^periwinkle (Vinca major)
^^English ivy (Hedera helix) and European bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)
^^yellow buttercup flowers (Ranunculus sp.) peeking out from behind the bishop's weed and bindweed

18 June 2012

fun with fundies

"ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven..."
more at Pat's House Blend

Huffington Post has a frightening collection of religious hate clips here

7 June 2012

The Guys Guide to Feminism

reblogged from: No Country for Women; originally posted April 17, 2012 by taslima 

The guy’s guide to feminism

...I finally found the book. A small green book. A guide. A to Z guide to all things feminist. It is called "The Guy’s Guide to Feminism"

I just love the book.

If you do not like to read books on feminism  by women, fine. Then read this one, written by two guys, Michael Kaufman and Michael  Kimmel. It’s funny. Remarkable. Straight to the point explanation how and why feminism improves men’s life.
There are fascinating  pieces –

”Do you believe that women should have the right to:
  • Vote?
  • Go to college?
  • Drive a car?
  • Open bank accounts in their own names?
  • Enjoy sex?
  • Work in whatever occupation they might choose, and get paid the same as men when they do the same work?
Did you answer yes?
Then you better lie down. . . . You’ve probably caught feminism.
The feminist contagion has spread far and wide.  It infects both women and men.  Most people in North America, Europe and many parts of the rest of the world have caught it. The terrible truth is that, nowadays, most of us support these rights and actually see them as basic rights of individuals in a democracy.”
full article here

1 June 2012

spring on the Walkway

 ^^spring opens on the Donald Park Walkway
 ^^early colour, Viburnum sp.
 ^^lawn crocus, Leigh Square along Donald Street
^^Wilson Street entrance

^^the Walkway bursts into colour every spring with magnolia, rhododendron and azalea flowers
^^snake's head lilies aka checker lilies or Fritillaria meleagris, at Atkins Avenue
^^one of a half dozen of magnolia species along the Walkway, this one on Kelly Avenue
^^this magnolia is just north of Atkins
^^and this one just south of Atkins
^^pink canopy
 ^^Atkins Avenue entrance
^^this recently relandscaped section is just north of Kelly Avenue
^^ toad lilies (Erythronium pagoda) Thanks to barvinok for the i.d.
^^at Kelly Ave, looking south
 ^^just one of dozens ...
^^...along the Walkway

 ^^the show continues into a neighbouring yard
 ^^primula cultivar
 ^^primula cultivar
^^There's a bushtit nest in the lower branches of this tree.
 ^^even up close the nest is hard to see. Many birds nest along the Walkway every spring.

Thanks to Jaguar Landscaping Services for plant identifications.