nursery images

Aphyosemion splendopleure 'Njenje'
 ^^killie eggs in the mail: A. splendopleure 'Njenje', eyes clearly visible
^^ 'Njenje eggs
 ^^all grown up. Njenje female

Aphyosemion punctatum 'buong bai'
^^Aphyosemion punctatum 'buong bai', under 48 hours
^^'buong bai'
^^'buong bai'
^^'buong bai', young male

Poropanchax normani, Norman's lampeye
^^Poropanchax normani, Norman's lampeye
^^lampeye fry hug the surface

Albino Blue Lyretail, Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus
 ^^Albino Blue Lyretail, Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus 24 to 48 hours old
^^about 2mm

White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Tanichthys albonubes
^^white cloud mountain minnows, just hatched
 ^^1 day old white clouds swimming over the dorsal fin of a 30cm tilapia
 ^^long fin white clouds, barely hours old
^^these two long fin white clouds have just hatched and aren't strong enough to swim yet.
Give it an hour...
how to breed white clouds here

Indian Dwarf Puffer, Carinotetraodon travancorius
 ^^fry, duckweed sized Dwarf Indian (Pea) Puffer
^^spawning pair Indian Dwarf Puffer (Carinotetraodon travancorius)
^^spawning pair. Gravid female, attentive male.
how to breed Indian Dwarf (Pea) Puffers here 

Blue Eyed Rainbow, Psudomogil gertrudae
^^blue eyed rainbow, Psudomogil gertrudae
^^top-hugers that like floating plants for cover; some adults
^^skitterish, but curious, gertrudae rainbows are always moving
a good video of gertrudaes displaying

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