blue pearl shrimp
^^berried female
^^feeding on Critter Crumbs
^^blue pearl shrimp feeding on Critter Crumbs
 ^^berried ghost shrimp
^^female cherry
^^female cherry with C. habrosus
^^male cherry shrimp, Neocaridina heteropodia
 ^^bumblebee shrimp
^^bumblebee shrimp
^^berried low-grade crystal red
^^female crystal red
 ^^blueberry shrimp
 ^^blueberry shrimp
 ^^blueberry shrimp, just arriving
 ^^blueberry shrimp
^^next gen. blueberries don't pass on their colours 
^^blueberries feeding on a dead fish

 ^^N. heteropodia wild-type
^^^^N. heteropodia will emerge from the water for food
^^just molted, Atya gabonensis, the Cameroon Fan Shrimp
 ^^Cameroon Fan Shrimp
^^Caridina multidentata (formerly Caridina japonica),
female with eggs feeding on algae wafer

^^known as Amano or japonica shrimp, these large shrimp are 
world class algae eaters. This one is a male.
^^female Cambarellus patzcuarensis "orange", aka CPO or  Mexican  Dwarf Cray
^^those snails are safe
^^dwarf crays are easy on plants
^^they can be hard to spot
a note of caution: not all fish mix well with snails

^^many livebearers are hell on snails, grazing continuously on slime, antennae and flesh.
 ^^the tiny Heterandria formosa cropped the antennae off these ramshorns
^^don't mix snails and nippy fish
 ^^small pond snails, Radix sp., feeding on Romain lettuce
 ^^Radix sp.
The 'small' pond snail is from the same family as the much larger 'giant' pond snail, 
but doesn't share it's taste for live plants.
^^red ramshorn snails (Planorbis sp.) feeding on a spirulina wafer
^^the ever-useful Malaysian Trumpet snails (aka MTS) are highly variable in colour and markings.
^^MTS feeding on a dead diffusa snail
 They're mostly nocturnal with nippy fish around but visible around the clock otherwise.
A burrowing snail, they help keep the substrate fresh.
^^algae is on the menue...
 ^^...but don't expect perfect results. Snails nibble trails through algae, they don't clear-cut.

 ^^predatory Clea helena on the prowl

 ^^this red ramshorn managed to escape by climing on top
 ^^mystery snail, a livebearing Viviparid species with newly born babies

^^Viviparid mystery snail, unidentified species
 ^^Pomacea diffusa (spike-topped apple snail)
Pomacea diffusa, gold variety. This one has a baby ramshorn snail hitchhiker.
The dark disk on the foot seals the shell when the snail withdraws.
how to hatch apple snail eggs

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