16 June 2013

fish eggs

 ^^corydoras eggs on aquarium glass. These were laid by albino Corydoras aeneus, 
the Bronze cory. They will get eaten quickly unless removed.
 ^^with a bit of practise you can remove the eggs and relocate them to a safer location.
 ^^gently rub the eggs against coarse plant material to transfer
^^water movement is essential. Place an air bubbler below the eggs and plant material. The plants will also provide a place for small organisms to flourish, providing food for the newly hatched catfish.

^^my favourite corydoras, the peppered corydoras (Corydoras paleatus) have a bad habit. Peppered corys are an awesome little fish, friendly and hardy, and even the tiniest fish are safe with them... 
but Poseidon help you if you're a worm or an egg.
Notice that one of the big females in the clip is holding her own eggs between her anal fins.

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