other cats


^^Otocinclus and ramshorn snails, feeding on pressed spirulina tablet
^^Red Lizard Catfish,  L010a (Rineloricaria sp.)

^^small and peacefull

^^Bronze (albino) corydoras, fry with roommates
 ^^Bronze corydoras, (Corydoras aeneus var 'albino')
Adult pair, resting
^^Peppered corydoras, fry (centre)
^^Peppered corydoras, (Corydoras paleatus), sisters
^^A peppered corydoras and an albino bronze corydoras feeding on soft sand. 
If you watch the gills you can see sand flying through and dusting the fish.
^^Anchor catfish
 ^^Hara jerdoni Anchor catfish just arrived
 ^^a tiny catfish with a taste for live food
^^Farlowella gracilis female other farlowella links here and here
^^Tatia perugiae, the exclusively nocturnal driftwood catfish 
^^the king tiger is carnivore, liking worms and shrimp
^^Hypancistrus sp. (L066) King Tiger plecostomus makes a rare daytime appearance. 
Also in shot are long fin rosie barbs (Pethia conchonius).

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