17 September 2014

the Great Canadian Shore clean-up is back

WWF and the Vancouver Aquarium’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, is Canada’s largest community-led, volunteer-powered conservation program.

find a Clean-up near you here

13 September 2014

random sounds 69: Ganja by Iida Homebrew

Iida Homebrew is:
Yoshinori Kinoshia, Drums / Makoto Kanada, Bass / Jason Guitar J, vocals & guitar

contact the band: iidahomebrew@bandcamp.com
Video by Storm in collaboration with Iida Homebrew

12 September 2014

Canada-China Investment Agreement a sell-out of Canada

Harper sell out to China will be locked in  

(excerpted from a media release by Elizabeth May, MP, Friday, September 12th, 2014)

" ...Tabled in the House of Commons on September 26, 2012, quietly and without any briefings or news release, the treaty was never subjected to study in any committee, other than one hour before the trade committee. Ratification involves a vote of Cabinet, not Parliament."

“ ...Once ratified, the Canada-China Investment Agreement will bind Canada, including future governments, for a minimum of 31 years. Unlike NAFTA, with an exit clause of 6 months’ notice, this agreement, also called a FIPA (Foreign Investor Protection Agreement) cannot be exited for the first 15 years. After 15 years, either country can exit on one year’s notice, but any existing investments are further protected for another 15 years. Despite some claims by other politicians that the treaty could be voided by a future government, that is not the case.”

“ ...Cabinet’s signing of this deal behind closed doors, instead of giving Parliament a say, is not just undemocratic in itself,” added Deputy Leader Bruce Hyer. “It is also a profound attack of Canada’s sovereignty as a nation, and an erosion of the rights of all Canadians to make democratic decisions about our economy, environment, and energy. The Conservatives have now allowed for secret tribunals that will work to re-write our laws in order to protect Chinese interests.”

concerned about the agreement? Sign the petition here

full article here
backgrounder on treaties here
Elizabeth May home page here

10 September 2014

random flower post


 ^^hardy hibiscus, double

 ^^hardy hibiscus, single

^^ blue flowered morning glory species

 ^^water break
 ^^ pink flowered morning glory species

  ^^a different hardy fuchsia

 ^^temporarily unidentified