20 June 2017

helping Meem

to pitch in a few dollars, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/meems-house-repair

About this Go Fund Me:

Meem suffered a stroke  a number of years back and now spends his waking hours sitting in his wheel chair looking out his front door. He used to be a vibrant young man playing guitar and involved at community functions; now, he is trapped in his home.

It bothers us to see a man who used to be so active just sit and waste away without being involved with his community because he can't get out of his home in his wheel chair. It would be a joy to us to see him with the freedom to leave his home and get out and about.

His home is in need of electrical and structural repair, in addition to improved drainage to remove standing water around the little house, and a wheelchair ramp. We have volunteers willing to put in the time but we need help gathering the funds for materials.

Once this project is completed Meem will be able to come out more readily, to go to his doctors and participate in community events. We would be very grateful for the help we can get.

Meem lives in Sarawak, Malaysia.