30 December 2010

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23 August 2010

aquarium survey

Candian Aquarium Connection is polling it's members about views regarding dyed/tatooed fish, accurate size labeling and the sale of deliberately-bred deformed fish.

These are the questions:

I would choose a store that did NOT stock dyed/tattooed fish over one that did.
I would choose a store that clearly & accurately indicated the adult size of fish over one that didn't.
I would choose a store that did NOT stock fish with deformities (such as 'balloon' forms) over one that did.

The poster of the poll introduces it this way:

"I'm borrowing the basis of this idea from Practical Fishkeeping Magazine. When outraged UK hobbyists wanted to stop dyed fish, they voted in a poll asking if they'd choose a store that didn't stock them. A whopping 90% said yes!

It worked! Stores all over the UK took the pledge not to carry dyed fish and hobbyists everywhere were better educated about this horrific practice.

Another hobbyist initiative resulted in chain stores across North America paying more attention to their tank labels (fish size, tank size, etc.) to ensure they were accurate.

We can make a difference.

Stores need to know what we want and numbers speak volumes. This is not an attack on stores, it's an attempt to work with them by showing them something solid to bet their business on. If we can get enough people to participate, we can send a message to stores across the country that will benefit both their business and the hobby - everybody wins.

I'm sticking to practices that involve most people's definition of pain-based cruelty, as well as tank labeling to ensure a proper environment can be provided throughout the lifetime of the fish. This will hopefully prevent some wild-release issues and result in a higher quality of life for the fish.

If you want to be part of this proactive initiative to motivate change, please vote.

If anyone has questions about the definitions or practices, please feel free to ask before you vote. If anyone would like to add good resources for information about these issues, that would be awesome too. "

If you've ever bought a common pleco or a Chinese algae eater only to be horrified when it got huge, check it ot out. If you've ever been at a fish store and felt disgusted at the sight of dyed fish, check it out. If you disagree with the inhumane treatment of wetpets, check it out. You have to be a member to vote, but what's 3 minutes if it can help end pointless suffering?

check it out here: