urban birds

Neighbourhood crow project (Port Coquitlam)


 ^^observed over several days, this poor crow has an acorn stuck on it's beak.
^^a day later and starting to look a little ungroomed. S/he was very 
hungry at this point but had trouble picking up and swallowing food.

Crows Understand Cause and Effect, Even When the Cause is Hidden


neighbourhood birds
^^home invading fledging black capped chickadee
 ^^Pappa's pose

^^young starling
 ^^chickadee nest
 ^^young flicker
 ^^cooper's hawk working the balcony circuit
 ^^unidentified nest
^^hummingbird nest in rose bush
 ^^pine siskin

^^robin and friend
 ^^redwing blackbird
^^robin family on fledging day
 ^^crow in maple
^^crows in snow
^^injured robin
^^anting crow
^^anting is common in corvids and some other bird families. It's thought the acid 
sprayed by the irritated ants helps rid the birds of parasites.
 ^^bush tit nest, roughly at the 1/3 mark
 ^^white crown sparrow
 ^^white crown sparrow on the patio at Matteo's
^^white wing crows in PoCo
^^sharp shinned hawk checking out local smorgasbord
^^rufus sided towee, a large N. American sparrow
 ^^male Anna's
 ^^Anna's hummingbirds
 ^^Canada goose
 ^^red crossbow
^^female and male house sparrows at Braid skytrain
^^female house sparrows at skytrain
^^male house sparrow
^^rock dove
^^American robin
^^dark eyed junco
 ^^European starling, parent and child
 ^^northern flicker
Anna's, female
^^Anna's, male
^^Anna's hummingbird and feeder

birds and windows
 ^^oregon junco
^^pine siskin
^^pine siskins are extremely skittish. Keep feeders away from windows!

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