22 January 2013

random sounds 52: Dionne Brand

in anticipation of Black History Month 2013:

  " ...why, the touch of everything blushes me,
pigeons and wrecked boys,
half dead hours, blind musicians,
inconclusive women in bruised dresses
even the habitual gray-suited men with terrible
briefcases, how come, how come
I anticipate nothing as intimate as history

would I have had a different life
failing this embrace with broken things,
iridescent veins, ecstatic bullets, small cracks
in the brain, would I know these particular facts,
how a phrase scars a cheek, how water
dries love out, this, a thought as casual
as any second eviscerates a breath... "

From: thirsty, 2002

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19 January 2013

turtles at home: part 2, Myrtle

Myrtle is a Fly River turtle, an aquatic fresh water species

^^Fly River turtles are fully aquatic and need room to swim.  This little guy lives 
in a 210 gallon aquarium with an upgrade to a 400g planned for the near future.
^^big fruit and veggie eaters. This is melon.
^^technique is important... first subdue
^^ ...then conquer
^^filtration is everything.
 ^^resting areas are important

^^turtle naps, FRTs only need to surface several times an hour when sleeping

^^not all FRTs make great neighbours, even when small. Mostly, they're
 a hazard for bottom dwelling fish.

photo credit: all photos by Juice
read more about Myrtle and other Fly River Turtles at BCAquaria 
turtles at home: part 1, Buddy and Yurdle

9 January 2013

random sounds 52: Toni Childs x3

^I've Got To Go Now, live, 1991
This man I married is buried deep
And the more I try to wake him, the more he sleeps
I used to think I knew this man
The tenderness, not the back of his hand

It's been two weeks since he last had a drink
But the time bomb's ticking, I can never sleep
It would be easier if he did
Why do you stay here, stay with him

^Don't Walk Away, studio, 1988

^House of Hope, soundtrack, 1991
Children cry
They're the ones who will survive
Will they know what we've sold
Nature's gift we've turned for gold
I don't like what I see now
In my life, what I see now
I don't like where we're going
I don't like it, no
You and I, we're getting older now
You and I, who will show them
If we don't show them how

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