17 November 2015

fun with fundies: It really was a ‘kill the gays’ call to arms

Rachel Maddow calls out Republican presidential candidates for attending an anti-gay religious liberty conference where speakers openly called for the execution of gay and lesbian citizens.Last Friday Republican presidential candidates Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz joined radical right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson on the stage of Swanson’s “National Religious Liberties Conference” where the controversial pastor once again called for the execution of gays and lesbians.Discussing the alarming conference, Maddow said:
It really was a ‘kill the gays’ call to arms.
from patheos.com/blogs

5 November 2015

come n' get yours

Annual Christmas Bazaar and White Elephant Sale
Hawthorne Seniors Community
2111 Hawthorne Ave., Port Coquitlam
10 am to 2 pm, November 28, 2015
Baking, used treasures, plants, raffle

17 October 2015

mud wasps and spiders

A female mud wasp (Sceliphron caementarium) builds and stocks her nest.
 Mud wasps are mostly spider predators and are not aggressive to people unless stepped on or handled. Photos and vid clips by C.J.W. Vos

22 September 2015

fun with fundies: Kent Hovind rides again!

Fresh from prison for 'taking money from our account to pay bills' and not for fraud at all, nudge nudge, Kent Hovind explaines the mysteries of young earth creationism. Enjoy. You're welcome.