24 February 2014

Don't care to travel overseas for your over-the-top bigotry? Welcome to Arizona and SB 1062

Arizona's Religious Freedom Restoration Act

"The bill... would allow anyone in the state to legally refuse business or service to LGBT people based on religious freedom. The bill was passed by the Republican-controlled Senate, [and] also passed by the Republican-controlled state House.
Governor Jan Brewer, also Republican, has until February 28 to act."

"We are trying to protect people's religious freedoms," 
Republican Representative Steve Montenegro said. "We want to prevent the government from forcing a person who is trying to start a business to sell out their religion for money."

"No Arizonan should be forced to choose between making a living and living free. 
An amended bill that provides a safeguard from laws that violate our First Amendment 
freedoms — while still letting government enact laws necessary to the common good — is 
a sensible one.

No court in Arizona should be able to tell you that a violation of those freedoms is 
just the “price of citizenship.”
AZCentral, Feb 24, 2014

^^for: Senator Al Melvin
^^against: Senator Steve Farley

SB1062 full text

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