19 July 2013

hazing the Poulder

^^the haze in the Poulder this week is blamed on a combination of 
local smog and smoke drifting in from the Ellison Provincial Park forest fire. 
This view is looking roughly north east, approaching the dike that separates
 the farming region from the wildlife sanctuary. Sturgeon slough  is just on the other side of the dike.
^^Sturgeon slough runs along the dike. Blueberry and cranberry fields dominate south of the dike.
^^ water levels at the Poulder fluctuate a meter or so through the seasons, controlled 
by pumping stations.  Most of this was submerged in April.
^^looking north east
^^agriculture pest test
^^quarry activity, looking roughly west
^^looking south west over the blueberry crop


nature boy said...

nice to see some info on the Pitt Polder in a blog

Storm said...

Thanks for the comment. It was oddly difficult to find information links for this post. There was nothing much online about the human history of the area - the legend of Oolichan Woman; the old First Nations cave art at the north of Pitt Lake; the Chinese railway workers who settled at the north end of the lake in those same caves and hunted cariboo in the area. Only a little about the Dutch farmers who worked the Poulder in the fifties.
With luck there will be a guest post later this summer featuring bird and wildlife photos taken around Sturgeon Slough.
cheers, Storm