19 January 2013

turtles at home: part 2, Myrtle

Myrtle is a Fly River turtle, an aquatic fresh water species

^^Fly River turtles are fully aquatic and need room to swim.  This little guy lives 
in a 210 gallon aquarium with an upgrade to a 400g planned for the near future.
^^big fruit and veggie eaters. This is melon.
^^technique is important... first subdue
^^ ...then conquer
^^filtration is everything.
 ^^resting areas are important

^^turtle naps, FRTs only need to surface several times an hour when sleeping

^^not all FRTs make great neighbours, even when small. Mostly, they're
 a hazard for bottom dwelling fish.

photo credit: all photos by Juice
read more about Myrtle and other Fly River Turtles at BCAquaria 
turtles at home: part 1, Buddy and Yurdle

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