3 September 2012

swords into plough shears

^^Cameroon Fan shrimp (Atya gabonensis) have forsaken their claws for filter-feeding filiments
^^fan shrimp require strong water flow, climbing surfaces and extra hiding spots
^^individuals will Jockey for the best flow areas. Like other members of the family, 
Cameroon fan shrimp larvae require brackish to full salt water to survive. 
Crustaforum has a good thread on breeding similar shrimp here.

 ^^ephemeral after the molt, it takes a few days for the colours to manifest
 ^^Cameroon fan shrimp, centre surrounded by: a cherry shrimp, viviparous snail, and assassin snail.

further reading:
Aspects of the Biology of the Gabon Shrimp Atya gabonensis, Giebel 1875 in the Cross River, Nigeria

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