7 June 2012

The Guys Guide to Feminism

reblogged from: No Country for Women; originally posted April 17, 2012 by taslima 

The guy’s guide to feminism

...I finally found the book. A small green book. A guide. A to Z guide to all things feminist. It is called "The Guy’s Guide to Feminism"

I just love the book.

If you do not like to read books on feminism  by women, fine. Then read this one, written by two guys, Michael Kaufman and Michael  Kimmel. It’s funny. Remarkable. Straight to the point explanation how and why feminism improves men’s life.
There are fascinating  pieces –

”Do you believe that women should have the right to:
  • Vote?
  • Go to college?
  • Drive a car?
  • Open bank accounts in their own names?
  • Enjoy sex?
  • Work in whatever occupation they might choose, and get paid the same as men when they do the same work?
Did you answer yes?
Then you better lie down. . . . You’ve probably caught feminism.
The feminist contagion has spread far and wide.  It infects both women and men.  Most people in North America, Europe and many parts of the rest of the world have caught it. The terrible truth is that, nowadays, most of us support these rights and actually see them as basic rights of individuals in a democracy.”
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