13 May 2012

turtles at home: part 1, Buddy and Yurdle

^^Buddy, a red-eared slider. Trachemys Scripta Elegans. Check out those awesome boy-claws.
1)male carapace 20-25cm / female 25-31cm
2)life span 30 years wild / more in captivity
3)tank size 300-450litres / 80-120 gallons
4)temperature 25-27C / 77-80F

^^ basking
 ^^Buddy's basking platform
^^ 55 gallon aquarium with basking platform. Buddy will need tank upgrades as he grows.
^^turtles can be determined climbers. 
update Jan '14: Buddies new 108 gallon pond can be viewed on the free member's forum at  

 ^^Yurdle, a shy female river cooter turtle, Pseudemys concinna
1)carapace 23-33cm / 9-13 inches
2)life span 40 years wild / longer in captivity
3)tank size 682+ litres / 180+ gallons
4)temperature 25 - 27C / 77 - 80F
 ^^3 years old and 30cm long - and not done growing
 ^^Yurdle's old basking area, in a 135 gallon with 2 XP4 filters
^^2012's 180 gallon pond upgrade, showing basking platform and netting frame
 ^^salad chic: this gal likes her veggies
^^boarding ramp and basking area. The tub is usually draped with netting to keep 
out Daisy, Yurdle's ever curious dog roommate.
 ^^female turtles will need dry land to lay eggs. The exercise and sunshine are good, too.
^^don't leave turtles out doors unattended.
^^who doesn't enjoy a spring outing?
update Jan '14: Yurdle's on going adventures can be viewed on the free member's forum at Canada Aquaria
photo credits: Photos of Buddy by CACadmin; photos of Yurdle by KimR

turtle housing thread at Happy Turtle Pub

coming next in Part2: Fly River turtles and 'left-over turtlez'

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